Vacancy in ESSDA board / AGM in Helsinki

At the AGM in Helsinki the (re-)elections for the board will take place. There is one vacancy.
An easy way of getting acquainted with being part of the ESSDA board is to become a general board member. You can experience what board meetings are about (on average four Skype meetings a year) and what kind of work is done in between meetings. This work is divided among all board members, taking into account board members’ skills and preference.
If you want to stand up and help our dance community move forward, please apply for a board position by mailing a brief motivation letter to, preferably on 1st June 2016 at the latest. Your motivation letter will be forwarded to all Essda members for the elections at the AGM on 1st July.

Chrisi Lyons (UK) and Trix Macleod (UK) have joined the board after last year’s AGM in Stockholm and they would like to be officially elected. Their motivation letters will also be forwarded.
Hadass Armon (Israel), the current female co-president, stands for re-election for one year.
Diana Vinke (NL), the current general secretary, stands for re-election for a full 2-year term.
Davy Brocatus (BE), Marc Schleuter (DE), Michal Vaníček (CZ) and Sören Stauffer-Kruse (UK) are halfway their 2-year term.

The documents from last years AGM are now published on this website: About Us > AGM Documents