AGM Documents

AGM 2019 Rome

Agenda for ESSDA AGM in Rome on Saturday 13th July 2019, updated



Voting_by_proxy_form_2019 Groups

Minutes ESSDA AGM 2018

Davy Brocatus (Board Nomination)

Kai Lillebo (Board Nomination)

Michal Vaníček (Board Nomination)

Patrice Naudier (Board Nomination)

Patrick Sharkey (Board Nomination)

ESSDA Annual Report 2018-2019

DVET Motions to ESSDA AGM 2019

AGM 2018 Paris

AGM 2018 Agenda
AGM 2017 Minutes
Intro Candidates for Board Elections (in alphabetical  order)
Annual Report 2017/2018

AGM 2017 Berlin

AGM 2017 Agenda
AGM 2016 Minutes
Intro Candidates for Board Elections
Annual Report 2016/2017
Annual Report 2016/2017 with activity report for PR and for Outreach
Proposed Amendments by DVET
AGM 2017 Meeting Minutes

AGM 2016 Helsinki

AGM 2016 Agenda
Attachment 2: Annual Report 2015/2016
Attachment 3: Amendmends to Bylaws (Becoming a member)
AGM 2016 Meeting Minutes

AGM 2015 Stockholm

ESSDA Annual Report 2014/2015
AGM 2015 Meeting Minutes

AGM 2014 Blackpool


AGM 2014 Meeting Minutes

AGM 2013 Antwerp


AGM 2013 Meeting Minutes

AGM 2012 via Skype

AGM 2012 Meeting Minutes

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