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Ordinary membership is open to all individuals who agree to abide by ESSDA’s Constitution and Bylaws, and who live in Europe or elect to dance for a European club or country. Ordinary members pay an annual membership fee of EUR 12.50 and have a single vote at ESSDA’s annual and extraordinary general meetings and in referendums.

Extraordinary membership is open to all legal entities, clubs and groups located in Europe, whose main concern is same-sex dancing or LGBT sports including same-sex dancing or who are organising an international same-sex dance competitions, and who agree to abide by ESSDA’s Constitution and Bylaws. Extraordinary members pay a membership fee and have voting rights based on the size of the organisation as follows:

Number of membersAnnual membership feeNumber of votes
0 – 50EUR 302
51 – 100EUR 603
101 – 150EUR 904
151 – 200EUR 1205
201 or moreEUR 1506
ESSDA extraordinary membership fees from 1 January 2024

ESSDA application form for ordinary membership

ESSDA application form for extraordinary membership