When in Rome….. Don’t get lost!

So with just under a week left to go, there are some very important updates you need to know.

Firstly, there has been a provisional start list published on the Dancesport website. Registration has not been easy this year and the dancesport team are working hard to try and fathom out the Italian system, but in doing so have noticed a few names missing. So PLEASE, check your names are listed on the competitions you are expecting to participate in and contact the dancesport team immediately if you have an issue:

Click here for more information on the start list

There is also some really useful information on how to find the venue…. this is a competition in itself and there is a prize for everyone that finds it on time! It isn’t easy as they explain, but if you follow the helpful tips you should be able to navigate your way around Italy!

Click here for travel information