Vienna Dance Contest – UPDATE

The Vienna Dance Contest 2021 has been postponed to 22nd October 2022. In the middle of the 3rd Corona wave in Europe, the 4th Lockdown in Eastern Austria and in times of different international vaccination speeds, we, the organising team, have decided on 6th April 2021, not to hold the Vienna Dance Contest weekend in October 2021. It is difficult for us to assess whether participants would be able and willing to practise, travel and to attend an international event of that scale. On the other hand, we are not sure whether we can offer sufficient Covid safety during the entire weekend program from Friday to Sunday, since our Vienna Dance Contest is also a social event, a meeting of the international equality dance family, so much more than just a sports event. Furthermore, the financing of our event requires six months in advance, therefore we have to make the decision now in spring. We are already preparing the Vienna Dance Contest 2022, for you, our Equality dance family. And we are working on a little project to keep us and you entertained and active. So watch that space!

Please stay healthy and active! With lots of love from Vienna!