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2023-04-29 Open German Championship (DE)


On April 29th and 30th we welcome you in Berlin! (german) Die Deutsche Meisterschaft des Equality-Tanzsports findet zum 3. mal in Berlin statt: Nachdem 2005 die erste Deutsche Meisterschaft (noch vor Gründung des DVET) in Berlin ausgerichtet wurde, 2013 bereits…

2023-02-18 Pink Jukebox Trophy 2023 (UK)

Pink Jukebox Trophy Logo

The Pink Jukebox Trophy The 2023 Pink Jukebox Trophy will take place at Bishopsgate Institute on Saturday 18 February 2023, inviting same-sex couples from all over the world to compete in the Great Hall. For the first time ever, we…

2023-04-08 Le Rendez-vous de Paris (FR)

Invitation Banner for Le Rendez-vous de Paris on 08-04-2023

Welcome to the Rendez-Vous de Paris 2023 After the huge success of the dancesport competition of the Paris GayGames 2018 but also the unavoidable cancellation of the 2020-2021 edition, we are pleased to welcome each of you back in 2023…