TAG 2019 Dancesport Competition: 28-29 March 2019

After an amazing experience in 2017, we are glad to invite you to the 2nd LGBT Multi-sports Tournament in Tel Aviv, Israel, hosted by the Tel Aviv LGBT Sports Club and the Tel Aviv Municipality.

Athletes from around the world will compete in the swimming pool, Tennis courts, Basketball and Volleyballs court, the Soccer fields and Running tracks.

As an addition to the 2017 experience we are very happy that Dancesport has been added, making 2019 an exciting year.

There will be a full programme of dance competitions being organised and chaired by Hadass Armon.

As part of the TAG Sports Event there will be an official opening party; official dinner for all participants; a main party; a city tour; closing party and other social events for you to enjoy as well as the dance competition.

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