Results of Dutch Equality Championships 2015

On Sunday 1st of November the Dutch Equality Championships 2015 took place in Almere. Together with mainstream competitions there were same-sex couples dancing for the dutch champion title.

The medalists of the A-Class competitons are

Women Standard
  1. Caroline Privou/Petra Zimmermann (DE)
  2. Miriam Meister/Angela Pikarski (DE)
  3. Wies Gordon/Pauline Stap (NL, Dutch Champions)
Men Standard
  1. Frank Ruben Halfwerk/Rick Groot (NL, Dutch Champions)
  2. Jan de Haas/Mario Houtsma Grech (NL)
  3. Gerit Brinkmann/Jonas Kammering (DE)
Women Latin
  1. Kelly Monshouwer/Liejette Spindler (NL, Dutch Champions)
  2. Miriam Meister/Angela Pikarski (NL)
Men Latin
  1. Peter Dietrich/Ingo Jungblut (DE)
  2. Peter Jan Olieslagers/Pim Agterberg (NL, Dutch Champions)
  3. Brian Nolten/Bryan van den Boomgaard (NL)

All results can be found on our Results-Site.