European Championships / Eurogames Roma 2019 Pre-Announcement

We would first like to share with you all that the ESSDA board has been working tirelessly over recent months to try and organise the 2019 European Championships in partnership with Eurogames Roma. There have been weekly conference calls between both parties to try to clarify expectations from both sides and to ensure that the credibility of the competition is maintained through Team Roma’s planning.

First and foremost, we want to protect our dancers and the wider dance community. The financial viability of Eurogames 2019 is paramount and we want to be secure in the knowledge that they can afford both the prestige and the professionalism of the ESSDA European Championships without detriment to our community.

Given the recent public statements from the EGLSF in respect of Eurogames Roma 2019, the board have decided to review their financial documentation in full and to await the Q&A session that the EGLSF have scheduled as part of the AGA in Budapest this weekend before we finalise an agreement. Whilst we are confident Rome’s intentions are true, we need to see evidence that they can deliver all sports to the expectation of all multi-sport partners.

Whilst this agreement is taking much longer than we anticipated (and delaying the ability for some to make arrangements), we feel it absolutely right to be as prudent as we are being given recent economic challenges around multi-sport events and we hope that you support our work to ensure you get the standard of competition we all expect and deserve.

We hope to make further announcements after the EGLSF AGA on the viability of the European Champions in Rome this year, or, whether the dance competition will proceed without the associated ESSDA Championship title. The AGA is scheduled 15-17 March 2019 in Budapest at which ESSDA will be represented and fully participative.

Waiting in anticipation,

Your ESSDA Board