ESSDA 10th anniversary Grand Slam

As a 10th anniversary special we will be awarding four Grand Slam titles for same-sex dance couples in 2017!

This will be based on a combined result from the following European competitions for adult male and female couples:

– the PJ in London on 18 February
– Le Rendez-vous de Paris on 15 April
– the German Open Championships in Fürth (near Nuremberg) on 29-30 April
– the EC in Berlin on 27-29 July

A couple is eligible for a Grand Slam title if they compete in three of the four mentioned competitions.

The best three results from these competitions per couple (male/female) and event (latin/standard) will be combined by the following calculation:

– A ranking of all couples per event regardless of the class
(if a couple wins a class and also dances in a the higher class, then only the higher class will be taken into account).
– The ranking will be taken as points (1 point for the first place, 3 point for the third place e.g.) and added to make the three best results of the mentioned competitions.

The four titles (Latin/Standard Grand Slam for male and female couples) will be awarded at the European Championships 2017 in Berlin. Good luck!