Berlin Open 2020 – CANCELLATION


Quote from Pinkballroom Berlin:

‘We haded, we hoped we banged, and some maybe even prayed…. and now it’s still time: Due to the Corona pandemic and the related restrictions, we say the 19. Open Berlin Championships for Women and Women’s and Men’s couples in the standard and Latin American dances on June 20., 2020

We will be watching the further development. This is a threat to all who are getting too comfortable on the sofa. If at a later date of the year, the restrictions were loosened to the extent that both a training company would be possible again and the organization of an event with a minimum of mood, we would designate a new appointment within 2020 For that, we would let ourselves and all dancers run 2 months ahead so that we can organize a little bit, and you can train a little bit.

And since we’re at it: The German Championships and EuroGames will not take place on the scheduled dates in 2020 For more information, visit and

We’ll watch when the unusual tournaments “2020” will take place next year. If everything has gone right, we’ll set an appointment for the Berlin Open 2021 Planned in mid-June.’