Final Participants List for EuroGames 2016

Last Tuesday the registration for the EuroGames dance competitions ended. The final participants list can be downloaded here: EuroGames Helsinki 2016 Participants List

We are proud to welcome couples from Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, the UK and also from Australia and the United States.

If anyone does not want that his/her name appears in the starting list please send a short message to

Hel Yeah!

We are looking forward to meet you at the EuroGames in Helsinki. For your quick orientation: the most important sights and sports venues can be found in the map below:


Audience entry with athlete’s, visitor’s or day pass. You can collect a day pass from the accreditation office in the EuroGames Village.

The starting lists and the detailed schedule for the dance competitions will be published as soon as possible. To stay in contact and to get all the new information about the dance competitions and other events you can join the facebook group EuroGames 2016 Dance (if not already done) and of course the ESSDA facebook group.

Social Dance Event in Helsinki

On Saturday 2nd of July from 19:00 till 21:00 hrs in Hercules Club, Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 21 B, 2nd floor. Welcome to dance, meet dance people and just relax – Hercules is the largest Gay Night Club in Nordic Countries! Charge for garderobe/entrance is 3 €.

After the Dance Gala you are welcome to enjoy Hercules Eurovision Night with live stars (free of charge for us, normal fee 10 €). And of course – after the Gala you can time enough enjoy to EuroGames Closing Party in Kaapelitehdas. Tickets are sold in our website

Vacancy in ESSDA board / AGM in Helsinki

At the AGM in Helsinki the (re-)elections for the board will take place. There is one vacancy.
An easy way of getting acquainted with being part of the ESSDA board is to become a general board member. You can experience what board meetings are about (on average four Skype meetings a year) and what kind of work is done in between meetings. This work is divided among all board members, taking into account board members’ skills and preference.
If you want to stand up and help our dance community move forward, please apply for a board position by mailing a brief motivation letter to, preferably on 1st June 2016 at the latest. Your motivation letter will be forwarded to all Essda members for the elections at the AGM on 1st July.

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Yes they can: Berlin Open 2016

Once again pinkballroom Berlin proved that they are not only able to organize an international first class dance competition but also social events which already started last Sunday and will end tonight with a social dance event at the café fatal. This year couples from all over Europe competed together with couples from America and Australia.

The planning and preparation for the European Championship in Berlin 2017 is already going on – we will publish the exact dates as soon as possible.

The 2016 results can be found here.

Eurogames – Preliminary Timetable for Helsinki

Helsinki_dance_flyerAre you already looking forward to compete in Helsinki or to support our sport and your favourite couples? The preliminary timetable for the Dance Competitions at the Eurogames 2016 has been released and might help planning your stay in Helsinki.

For those of you who have not registered yet: Participant registration will be open until 31.05.2016. See our infomation about registrating for dance sports and the discount price for ESSDA members.

For dancers who want to dance but don’t have a dancing partner: you might send a post to our ESSDA facebook group – and who knows…

Timetable >

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