ESSDA Board Members and Roles

The ESSDA Board after the elections held at the AGM via Zoom on 28th August 2021. The board will re-elect the roles and responsibilities within itself at the next available Board meeting.

Name Role/Responsibility Country
Davy Brocatus President BE
Diana Vinke Vice President NL
Mark Hebell Secretary DE
Corentin Normand Treasurer FR
Tom Dane Membership Officer UK
  Outreach Officer  
  Communications Officer  

Get in contact with us via e-mail:

E-Mail-Address Role/Reponsibility Recipients ESSDA-Board All board members general information on ESSDA topics Communications Officer
  Vice President Diana Vinke President Davy Brocatus Secretary Mark Hebell Treasurer Corentin Normand Membership Tom Dane Communications Communications Officer Outreach Outreach Officer

Names in brackets are proxies regarding the responsibility.

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