ESSDA Board Members and Roles

The ESSDA Board after the elections at the AGM in Berlin 2017.

Name Role/Responsibility Country
Diana Vinke Female Co-President NL
Davy Brocatus Male Co-President BE
Heather Gladding Secretary UK
Marc Schleuter Treasurer/Internet DE
Kai Andre Lillebø General Board Member NO
Patrice Naudier General Board Member FR
Michal Vaníček General Board Member/Outreach CZ
Chrisi Lyons Membership Officer UK
Trix Macleod General Board Member/Marketing UK

Get in contact with us via e-mail:

E-Mail-Address Role/Reponsibility Recipients ESSDA-Board All board members general information on ESSDA topics Diana Vinke
Heather Gladding
Davy Brocatus Female Co-President Diana Vinke Male Co-President Davy Brocatus Secretary Heather Gladding
(Chrisi Lyons) Treasurer Marc Schleuter
(Diana Vinke) Membership Officer Chrisi Lyons
(Diana Vinke) Marketing Trix Macleod Outreach Contact Michal Vaníček Web-/Events-Editor Marc Schleuter Sören Stauffer-Kruse Web-Master Marc Schleuter
(Frank Morche)

Names in brackets are proxies regarding the responsibility.

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