Results EuroGames 2021

Congratulations everyone, we are delighted to share the following results:

18/08/2021 in Copenhagen

2021-08-18_Female 10 Dance

2021-08-18_Female Latin

2021-08-18_Male 10 Dance open-senior

2021-08-18_Male Standard

2021-08-18_Mixed 10 Dance

2021-08-18_Mixed Senior Latin

2021-08-18_Mixed Standard open-senior


19/08/2021 in Copenhagen

2021-08-19_Female Senior Latin

2021-08-19_Female Standard

2021-08-19_Male Latin

2021-08-19_Male Senior Latin


20/08/2021 in Copenhagen

2021-08-20_Female Senior Standard

2021-08-20_Male Senior Standard

2021-08-20_Mixed Latin



Adjudicators Eurogames

For any further information, please contact the competition organiser: PanDans – Copenhagen

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