Results EuroGames 2016

2016/06/30 in Helsinki

Senior Female 10 dance Senior Male 10 dance
 Classification Adult Female Standard
Adult Female Standard A Adult Female Standard B
Adult Female Standard C Adult Female Standard D
 Classification Adult Male Latin
Adult Male Latin A Adult Male Latin B
Adult Male Latin C Adult Male Latin D
Gallery of Price Giving Ceremonies Day 1

2016/07/01 in Helsinki

Adult Female 10 dance Adult Male 10 dance
Classification Senior Female Latin
Senior Female Latin A Senior Female Latin B
Senior Female Latin C Senior Female Latin D
Classification Senior Male Standard
Senior Male Standard A Senior Male Standard B
Senior Male Standard C
Classification Senior Female Standard
Senior Female Standard A Senior Female Standard B
Senior Female Standard C Senior Female Standard D
Classification Senior Male Latin
Senior Male Latin A  Senior Male Latin B
Showdance Couples
Gallery of Price Giving Ceremonies Day 2

2016/07/02 in Helsinki

 Classification Adult Female Latin
Adult Female Latin A Adult Female Latin B
Adult Female Latin C Adult Female Latin D
 Classification Adult Male Standard
Adult Male Standard A Adult Male Standard B
Adult Male Standard C
Gallery of Price Giving Ceremonies Day 3

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