ESSDA 10th anniversary Grand Slam

As a 10th anniversary special we will be awarding four Grand Slam titles for same-sex dance couples in 2017!

This will be based on a combined result from the following European competitions for adult male and female couples:

– the PJ in London on 18 February
– Le Rendez-vous de Paris on 15 April
– the German Open Championships in Fürth (near Nuremberg) on 29-30 April
– the EC in Berlin on 27-29 July

A couple is eligible for a Grand Slam title if they compete in three of the four mentioned competitions.

The best three results from these competitions per couple (male/female) and event (latin/standard) will be combined by the following calculation:

– A ranking of all couples per event regardless of the class
(if a couple wins a class and also dances in a the higher class, then only the higher class will be taken into account).
– The ranking will be taken as points (1 point for the first place, 3 point for the third place e.g.) and added to make the three best results of the mentioned competitions.

The four titles (Latin/Standard Grand Slam for male and female couples) will be awarded at the European Championships 2017 in Berlin. Good luck!

Reduced Competitors Fee for EC 2017 in Berlin

First-time competitors and showdance-in-teams-only competitors at EC 2017 in Berlin

DVET and ESSDA together will award a grant of €10 to your participation fee if the EC 2017 in Berlin is your first same-sex dance competition or if you only participate in the showdance-for-teams competition!

This subsidy will be granted on the basis of a first come – first served principle. In total there is room for 60 grants. So be sure to register in time if you are eligible for this grant.

Visit EC 2017 Berlin to stay up-to-date.

ESSDA’s new slogan

Help us find a new slogan for ESSDA and win free entry to the European Championships!

“Taking same-sex dancing into the future” has served us well. Now the future has arrived, however, it’s time for a new mission statement that reflects our progress and vision. That’s where you come in.

We’re asking members to send us suggestions for a new and exciting ESSDA slogan. Ideally the slogan should not directly reference the 10th anniversary year, as the intention is for the winning entry to remain in use for the foreseeable future. That being said, all ideas are welcome…

The ESSDA board will make a preselection of three slogans, following which we will set up an online vote for you to select the winning submission. We will announce the new slogan at the European Championships in Berlin.

The winner will get *free entry* to the European Championships 2017 (visitor or competitor fee).
So, get your creative hats on and send your ideas to by 31/05/2017.

Upcoming Competitions in Zurich and Hanover

The next Saturday the annual competition in Zurich, Switzerland organized by time2dance takes place. Find all information on the time2dance website. Note that there will be a practice session on Friday, 18th at time2dance, Binzstrasse 9, 8045 Zürich.

Just one Saturday later the Hanover Rainbow Trophy takes place. The registration is definitely closed now.

Nobody has asked for the practice session by now – so this will be cancelled.

Equality Dancing – The (limited) liberty of dancing out of line

Lula Witzescher an activist for all topics regarding equality and also a dancer wrote for the programme of Berlin Open 2016 her observations and thoughts about same-sex dance competitions.

Since it has caused quite some controversy and discussion already at Berlin Open, pinkballroom (the organizers of next year’s European Championship) are now presenting the text in English (translation: Tina Ottenheym): Equality Dancing – The (limited) liberty of dancing out of line. May a broad, varied and constructive discussion begin.

Another interesting find on the internet (not new but new to me) is the demonstration of what they call the “Liquid Lead” by Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox: Ballroom dance that breaks gender roles. Presenting some interesting ideas regarding role change in dancing.

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