Le Rendez Vous de Paris 2019

Last weekend played host to another successful competition run by Rainbow Evidanse at Gymnase Japy (home to the 10. Gay Games in 2018). The competition saw representation from not only France, but the United Kingdom, Norway, Poland, Finland and Germany. It was a thoroughly enjoyable competition and fantastic to be back in the very heart of Paris for a fun packed weekend.

Please find below a link to the event Facebook page where you will find videos of ALL the finals PLUS photos of the result line ups:


We have also attached a link directly to the results:

TAG 2019 – A UK Perspective

Photography: Jonathan Alk

Between 27th – 30th March 2019 we saw host to the 2nd Tel Aviv Games in Israel and this year was a very special year for many of our supporters. For the first time Same-Sex Dancesport was part of the programme and the overall event had increased to seven sports, making it bigger and more diverse than its debut back in 2017!

We were delighted to be represented in Tel Aviv by three of our UKSSDC dancers, Graham Ashwell, Tim Regan and David Jameson. We’ve heard a lot of great feedback from them on their time spent in Israel and about an event that was very special to each one of them having all been part of La Danza with Heather and Hadass when they were previously based in the UK.

David and Tim told sent us a personal note on their experience of the very first Dancesport event in Tel Aviv:

“It was special to be part of TAG 2019 and the first ever same-sex dance competition in the Middle East. It was a small but friendly event, with the head judge from Israel’s “Dancing with the Stars” (Eli Mizrahi) judging us! He was very supportive and complimentary about our dancing and even asked for a photo of us at the end of the day. Hadass Armon and Heather Gladding put on a well-organised competition, and included some “fun competitions” which weren’t in the original schedule. We also have to thank the organising team and spectators who made this event so friendly, the support we received whilst in Tel Aviv and on the competition day itself was truly amazing – we’re going to go back for sure”.

Hadass Armon, Competition Chair – DanceSport TAG 2019 also told us:

“March 2019 marks a landmark in the development of Same Sex Dancesport. Three years ago I moved to Israel after more than 20 years in the UK. Whilst in the UK I served, for several years, as the Female Co-President to ESSDA… The timing of my return, was such that it was too late to organise a Dancesport competition for Tel Aviv Games (TAG) 2017. By the time TAG 2019 was on the cards, the organisers of TAG and I were able to look at the possibilities of running the first Same Sex Dancesport Competition in Israel and indeed in the Middle East. Even though we had time to build up to the competition, the publicity was rather last minute. As a result we had very few competitors, thus running each category with both Male and Female couples, much like when Same Sex dancing began in Europe.

The competition covered adult and senior competitions both in Standard and Latin. In addition the dancers were invited to participate in a fun one dance competition. All couples who entered joined with the fun competitions, which gave the day a friendly and warm tone.The success of the competition would not have happened without the endless support of Heather Gladding who took the roles of the compare and DJ of the event. It was a delight to see the joy and friendship along side the competitiveness throughout the day. And if asked what’s next? Well, in two years time TAG is planning to run the second Same Sex Dancesport competition. Put the date in your diary, March 2021. It will be great to see many more on the dance floor.”

TAG2019 was a great opportunity to see growth in this International Multi sport event and we hope that more of our UKSSDC and European dancers take part in 2021! For more information and results of the competition, please visit www.telavivgames.org 

Equality Dance Competition Frankfurt, DE

This year, already for the 31st time the FVV Frankfurt (the big LGBT – sports club in the Rhine-Main area) organizes its XMAS tournament at the beginning of the Advent season. This year over 1,000 participants from all over Europe are expected to a fun-packed event full of sport and social occasions. We’re excited to say that for the first time there will be an Equality Dance Tournament.

The organisation of the dance tournament will be in the hands of TSC TANZ etc.! This dancesport club has been organizing DTV tournaments for many years, has two successful same-sex couples in its ranks and a chairman who was already one of the pioneers of equality dancing in the 90s. Together this team have enough experience to guarantee a very successful dance tournament.

The supporting programme of the FVV XMAS tournament includes a champagne reception for the evening before check-in, a big participants party on the Saturday evening, a brunch on Sunday, as well as affordable accommodation at special tournament rates and much more. An exciting tournament awaits you. So make a note of the date now! We will keep you up to date with further details.

ESSDA Board decision following the EGLSF Annual General Assembly held 15th – 17th March 2019 in Budapest:

Eurogames Roma 2019 Update

As most of you are probably aware there have been great concerns over Eurogames Roma 2019 and as such the EGLSF called for a members vote on various aspects of the games that were currently unsatisfactory to both the EGLSF and its Members. As part of this membership vote, online registration has now been suspended until further updates and clarifications are received from Team Roma which are due by 30thMarch 2019.

ESSDA to date has spent a considerable amount of time conversing with Team Roma to try to find a mutual agreement for the European Championships. Although recently we felt we had a fully complying agreement between both parties, we were still extremely concerned at the low level of registrations for the Eurogames as a whole and without any form of financial backing/sponsorship how Team Roma were going to be able to finance the level of cost involved with hosting a European Championship. We decided to wait for the outcome of the AGA to see if there were any clearer financials shared by the Roma Board. There were no clearer concrete financials presented.

Michal Vanicek represented the ESSDA board in Budapest and provided the Board with up to date information on Team Roma’s presentation both yesterday and today. Communication and clarity of information has been a huge concern not only for dancing, but right across the board amongst other sports – some of which have now been cancelled with immediate effect due to low registration. As a consequence, the organisation of, and registration to all of these sports has not been as productive as all parties involved would have hoped.

The European Championships has a high price, and so does the reputation of ESSDA in respect of the professionalism and commitment it holds to ensuring the desired outcome of such a prestigious Championship within our competition calendar. Although we have been fully supportive of Team Roma to try and achieve a desired outcome for everyone, we still lack confidence that they can legitimately provide the finances required to deliver a successful Championship Title. We have had our dance community at the very heart of every decision along the way, and it is with this same ethos that the ESSDA Board have agreed not to pursue the possibility of a European Championship as part of Eurogames Roma 2019. 

The Board are fully supportive of the EGLSF’s steps towards still trying to achieve a successful Eurogames but felt it prudent to request they hold their own dance competition (without the European Championship attached) to help reduce their costs and increase the likelihood of establishing enough registrants to fulfill a successful competition. To date, only 66 participants have registered to dance which is extremely low compared to previous European Championships. 

With recent scars of the financial fallibilities of International Multi-Sport events we had to be 100% sure that this competition was viable to protect both our organisation’s reputation as well as the finances of our members and our wider competitive dance community.  An assurance we were never able to achieve from Team Roma.

Whilst we know that you will all be hugely disappointed with this news, we felt we had to protect further financial loss should the games not proceed as planned. We strongly feel that it is much more likely to proceed as some form of dance competition if they do not have the added pressure of the financial conditions of a European Championship.

We value yours thoughts and suggestions on what happens next and we invite all of our members to share these with us in writing to board@essda.eu. We feel it important for us to continue to work with both the EGLSF and Team Roma to help deliver a dance competition for 2019, however this will not be a competition that is either sanctioned or overseen by ESSDA within any form of partnership or official agreement. We also feel it important that the EGLSF support Host Cities in future applications to fully understand the implications when bidding for a Eurogames when wanting to hold a European Championships in partnership with ESSDA. 

We will share as soon as we are made aware, of any details regarding their plans for dance in Eurogames 2019. We still want there to be a competition for everyone to enjoy!

Your faithfully,


European Championships / Eurogames Roma 2019 Pre-Announcement

We would first like to share with you all that the ESSDA board has been working tirelessly over recent months to try and organise the 2019 European Championships in partnership with Eurogames Roma. There have been weekly conference calls between both parties to try to clarify expectations from both sides and to ensure that the credibility of the competition is maintained through Team Roma’s planning.

First and foremost, we want to protect our dancers and the wider dance community. The financial viability of Eurogames 2019 is paramount and we want to be secure in the knowledge that they can afford both the prestige and the professionalism of the ESSDA European Championships without detriment to our community.

Given the recent public statements from the EGLSF in respect of Eurogames Roma 2019, the board have decided to review their financial documentation in full and to await the Q&A session that the EGLSF have scheduled as part of the AGA in Budapest this weekend before we finalise an agreement. Whilst we are confident Rome’s intentions are true, we need to see evidence that they can deliver all sports to the expectation of all multi-sport partners.

Whilst this agreement is taking much longer than we anticipated (and delaying the ability for some to make arrangements), we feel it absolutely right to be as prudent as we are being given recent economic challenges around multi-sport events and we hope that you support our work to ensure you get the standard of competition we all expect and deserve.

We hope to make further announcements after the EGLSF AGA on the viability of the European Champions in Rome this year, or, whether the dance competition will proceed without the associated ESSDA Championship title. The AGA is scheduled 15-17 March 2019 in Budapest at which ESSDA will be represented and fully participative.

Waiting in anticipation,

Your ESSDA Board

Registration has started for the Berlin Open 04.05.2019

After celebrating its 20th jubilee and the 5th Queer Dance Camp pinkballroom and now organizes the 18th Berlin Open Dance Competitions for Women and Men Couples in Latin & Ballroom in 2019. We are glad to welcome amazing dancers from all over Europe, the fantastic audience, glad faces at each side…. It is not only the “most important competition in Germany after the German championship” (Dörte Lange, DVET) but an especially charming and lovely competition as a fix date in the competition calendar. We expect once again a colourful national and international field of competitors, which will inspire with diversity and quality.

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