Eurogames 2020 Press Release: 01/02/2020

Joint press release by EuroGames 2020, ESSDA and DVET Feb 1,2020

Stronger together:
EuroGames 2020, ESSDA und DVET align for Dancing in 2020 Equality Dance Sport has been an integral part of EuroGames and Gay Games for many years. The competitions are always characterized by a high quality and attractiveness for the spectators. To guarantee this for the participants, a high level of experience in the organisation of such competitions is required. The EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf stand in this tradition and are determined to organize a fantastic dance competition for all participants. TSC conTAKT is contributing its many years of experience in organising competitions, including the German Championships 2015. In addition, a fantastic and proven dance location has been found in the Boston Club.
In order to incorporate the entire experience of the European equality scene, contacts were sought with DVET (German Association for Equality Dance Sports) and ESSDA (European Same‐ Sex Dancing Association). From the beginning it was clear that there was a will to work together to ensure that dancing at the EuroGames 2020 would be superb. In close consultation, a joint agreement has now been reached. This is to be a trend‐setter for the future and bring the various associations closer together again. In the end, everyone is only interested in one thing: dancing.
Therefore, we are happy and proud to announce the following details for the EuroGames 2020:

– The host of the dance sport competitions at the EuroGames 2020 will be TSC conTAKT Düsseldorf e.V.
– ESSDA and DVET will be official partners of the EuroGames 2020
– the venue for the competitions will be the Boston Club in Düsseldorf
– the competitions will take place from Wednesday (5.8.) to Friday (7.8.).
– the actual competition program can be found on the homepage
– the EuroGames 2020 will also be the 7th European Championship of the ESSDA
– you can also get more details on the website

Regarding the above, we are looking forward to bringing together this broad expertise and thus certainly to an outstanding dance competition at the EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf.

The 1st UK Equality Open – A Huge Success!

The very first UK Equality Open (UKEO). took place in Wimborne, Dorset on Saturday 16th November 2019. This brand new Ballroom and Latin Dance Competition is about opening the dance floor up to everyone, irrelevant of gender, age or ability. Whilst ‘Same-Sex Dancing’ is extremely topical at the moment with both ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Dancing on Ice’ profiling same gender partnerships on TV for the first time this year, the UKEO takes acceptance one step further and encourages ‘Equality Dancing’, offering competitive opportunities to couples all around the UK whether they desire to lead or follow at any point during the performance.

The aim of the competition is to work with a particular region of the UK leading up to the competition, providing taster classes and encouraging schools to promote male/male, female/female and reverse role partnerships, removing gender from the dance form and teaching everyone to both lead and follow as well as encourage beginners to the competitive scene at a very early stage. The UKEO is also proud to include Wheelchair Freestyle Showdance as part of the programme, which has received a huge amount of support and excitement across the wider dance community. It was hugely successful as part of the programme for the 10. Gay Games in Paris last year, and this year we saw the return of Gold Medallists Gary Lyness & Paula Moulton along with a beginner couple of theirs from ‘Strictly Wheels’ in Manchester. 

Over 100 competitors took to the dance floor in a day full of Men’s, Women’s and Open (Gender-Free) ballroom and latin categories, from new starter couples through to the current European and World Champions as well the inclusion of Showdance Couples and Showdance Teams. The atmosphere in the room was electric, with support from friends, family and fellow competitors from early doors right through to late evening. It is this supportive atmosphere that arguably makes an equality dance competition much more enjoyable than the more mainstream alternatives.

Pete Meager, promoter and Master of Ceremonies for the event says ‘We’re delighted that our dream has come true, we are now all competing in one place as one family – all we want is the opportunity for everyone to know and feel the love of ballroom and latin dancing in their lives’.

For more information on how you can participate in #UKEO20 in Manchester on Saturday 14th November 2020, visit our website

ESSDA Board Update

Following a Board meeting that has taken placed since the AGM in Rome, the following roles exist within the board for 2019/20. There will be further updates to come in respect of the new working groups that were agreed upon at the AGM and we will communicate these once they have been fully recruited to:

Piia Korpi – Co-President

Patrice Naudier – Co-President

Davy Brocatus – Treasurer

PJ MacLeod – Secretary

Patrick Sharkey – Membership Secretary

Pete Meager – Communications Officer

Michal Vanicek – Outreach Officer

Kai Lillebø – General Board Member

We look forward to a collaborative approach for the forthcoming year and if you’d like to play a part in our working groups then please do feel free to contact us directly (members email invitations will be coming out very soon).

All road lead to Rome!

As our European dance community makes it way to Rome for Eurogames 2019, we would like to wish everyone a safe journey and an enjoyable dance competition.

Please feel free to post your photos, video and results on our Facebook page as usual for the rest of our community to share whom couldn’t be there in person. Your whole dance community is behind you and your respective countries.

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When in Rome….. Don’t get lost!

So with just under a week left to go, there are some very important updates you need to know.

Firstly, there has been a provisional start list published on the Dancesport website. Registration has not been easy this year and the dancesport team are working hard to try and fathom out the Italian system, but in doing so have noticed a few names missing. So PLEASE, check your names are listed on the competitions you are expecting to participate in and contact the dancesport team immediately if you have an issue:

Click here for more information on the start list

There is also some really useful information on how to find the venue…. this is a competition in itself and there is a prize for everyone that finds it on time! It isn’t easy as they explain, but if you follow the helpful tips you should be able to navigate your way around Italy!

Click here for travel information

ESSDA AGM 2019 – Rome

Please note we have now posted on this website the documents for the ESSDA AGM 2019, which will be held in Rome on Saturday 13th July at 15:00 (CET). Venue: TBC

The documents include the Agenda for the 2019 AGM, the minutes from the 2018 AGM and the Board Nominations for the 2019 Elections.

We have also posted the DVET motions in relation to Showdance, please ensure you review these motions before the AGM and ensure your votes are appropriately represented either in person or via a proxy form to another individual member who is present.

All other voting documents for the elections have been emailed directly to 2018/19 individual and group members, so please check your emails. There was an incorrect email sent initially, so please check the AMENDED: version for the correct attachments.

Thank you,

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