Le Rendez-Vous de Paris 2021 sets a new date!

Welcome to the Rendez-Vous de Paris 2021

After the huge success of the dancesport competition of the Paris Gay
Games 2018 but also the unavoidable cancellation of the 2020 edition, we
are pleased to welcome each of you back in 2021 in Paris.

The competition will include A-D categories in ballroom and latin for
same-sex and mixed couples.

Social dancing is also important for us, and participants will have
several occasions to enjoy dancing together.

Last but not least, workshops will be proposed for all competitors by
renowned international teachers.

More information will be published on our website

Berlin Open 2020 – CANCELLATION


Quote from Pinkballroom Berlin:

‘We haded, we hoped we banged, and some maybe even prayed…. and now it’s still time: Due to the Corona pandemic and the related restrictions, we say the 19. Open Berlin Championships for Women and Women’s and Men’s couples in the standard and Latin American dances on June 20., 2020

We will be watching the further development. This is a threat to all who are getting too comfortable on the sofa. If at a later date of the year, the restrictions were loosened to the extent that both a training company would be possible again and the organization of an event with a minimum of mood, we would designate a new appointment within 2020 For that, we would let ourselves and all dancers run 2 months ahead so that we can organize a little bit, and you can train a little bit.

And since we’re at it: The German Championships and EuroGames will not take place on the scheduled dates in 2020 For more information, visit equalitydancing.de and eurogames2020.de.

We’ll watch when the unusual tournaments “2020” will take place next year. If everything has gone right, we’ll set an appointment for the Berlin Open 2021 Planned in mid-June.’

Eurogames 2020 Düsseldorf – Currently Postponed


Yesterday evening, the German government decided to extend the ban on large gatherings and events until August 31st 2020, in their bid to halt the spread of the coronavirus. This effectively puts an end to hosting the Düsseldorf 2020 EuroGames at the dates initially previewed – August 5th – 9th.

EGLSF has been in close communication with Düsseldorf EuroGames organisers since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis and working to find a solution to maintaining EuroGames in Düsseldorf. 

At the moment, the EuroGames 2020 Düsseldorf are not cancelled!

We ask participants for their patience, while we work through alternatives with the EGLSF, the Düsseldorf EuroGames organizers, stakeholders, sponsors, the city of Düsseldorf, the North Rhine-Westphalia federal state government, as well as future EuroGames hosts Copenhagen and Nijmegen, in assessing other date options for the event. Until a decision is made, there will be no effect on potential refunds, which means the terms and conditions as listed on the website still apply!

We will come back to you shortly, once we have determined the options. We understand that this still leaves participants with some uncertainty. But we are trying to bring certainty back step by step, by working together to find the best possible solution.

Joint statement by EuroGames 2020 & EGLSF Board

Showdance Rules – Members Consultation

Following work undertaken by an appointed “Showdance Rules Sub-Committee” (which included interested parties from both European Showdance Teams and International Dancing Organisations), we have complied a “DRAFT” version of new rules ready to be accepted by the membership at the next AGM.

If you wish comment on the proposed rules, the consultation will run until 31st May 2020. After which, the draft will be finalised and signed-off at the 2020 summer AGM. These will then be valid for competitions from 1st September 2020 onwards.

If you are a member and wish to comment on the consultation then please email board@essda.eu with your specific suggestions for review by the ESSDA board.

Vienna Dance Contest 2020 – CANCELLATION

The Vienna Dance Contest, International equality same-sex dance competition and Pink Dance Night in Vienna, Austria 17th October 2020 is cancelled! Next Vienna Dance Contest mid October 2021.

Due to the uncertainty of how the situation due to the Covid19 crisis will develop in all respects for us and for all of you in the long term, we decided with a heavy heart to cancel this year’s tournament. On the one hand, many of our team work in the teaching or social area and are currently facing huge challenges, on the other hand, we cannot secure the financing of our tournament in such an exceptional time, because all sponsors currently have other concerns. We also want to prevent more dancers from booking flights and hotels and then probably having to cancel them. We ask for your understanding and apologize to those who have already booked. Please put the next Vienna Dance Contest in your calendar with mid-October 2021.

Keep safe, positive and active, protect the heath services and safe lifes!

DVET Announcement: German Open 2020 CANCELLATION


On March 19th, 2020 the board of DVET decided to cancel the German Open Championships in May 2020 due to the corona pandemic. 

We feel very sorry and we hope none of you have any inconvenience because of this. 

Maybe the German Open Championships can take place at a later time in 2020. We will look for the best solution in the next few weeks. We will inform you on the website of DVET (www.equalitydancing.de) and on facebook.

Please stay healthy!

Dörte Lange, President DVET 

Keep Safe…Keep Dancing!

The ESSDA Board would encourage you all to STAY HOME and STAY SAFE during the coming days and weeks. The welfare of our wonderful community is of course of utmost importance during this time.

We would also encourage you to stay fit and healthy and there are a wide range of online class you can take part in, from beginner to more advanced with many of these sessions being completely FREE!

Pete Meager is trying to capture all of these and post them on www.facebook.com/Out4Dance so please keep checking, quite often past classes are saved online for you to do at any time – even repeat them if you have the energy!

Keep safe, and keep dancing!

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