ESSDA Mission Statement

ESSDA is the European Same-Sex Dance Association.

ESSDA will respect differences as they may occur between people, concerning race, gender, sexual or political orientation, religion, nationality or language, disability or any other base.

ESSDA will respect differences as they may occur between organisations, concerning nationality, language, political orientation, liaisons with other dance (sport) or sport organisations or organisations for LGBT emancipation.

ESSDA acknowledges that the roots and base of same-sex dance and same-sex dance sport are the expression of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identities and relationships. This will be considered as part of any decisions, guidelines and developments for the future.

The Mission and Goals of ESSDA are

essda_300_200 to encourage the same-sex ballroom and latin dance sport
essda_300_200 to develop and maintain a level of quality and attractiveness of competitions to dancers and audiences and to encourage the use of guidelines for same-sex dance competitions
essda_300_200 to encourage the use of these guidelines as standards, specifically at, but not limited to, the ballroom and latin dance events at the EuroGames
essda_300_200 to provide a forum for communication, support, coordination and development for our members and other people and organisations interested in same-sex dance sport
essda_300_200 to work towards a climate in dancing and dance sport where people can express what they are, regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnic origins, religion, gender and disabilities
essda_300_200 to work towards universal acceptance of “leader” and “follower” as teaching terms
essda_300_200 to support other individuals and organisations with similar goals
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