PJ Macleod

Profile-picMy love affair with dance began as a child, attending social ballroom and latin classes at my local village hall until the age of 18. After a break of almost 10 years, I returned to the world of ballroom and latin upon discovering the queer dance scene in London. I started competing shortly after – at the UK Fun Competition, Pink Jukebox Trophy (London) and Eurogames (Stockholm) – and haven’t looked back.

What I love most about this dance community, aside from the people who comprise it, is the opportunity to do dancing the way I want rather than conforming to stereotypical gender roles. This is particularly important to me as a genderqueer-identified person wanting to explore leading, since leaders who are read as female, followers who are read as male, and anyone in between, can sometimes face obstacles in mainstream competitive dance contexts.

It’s really important to make sure that new dancers are getting involved if we are to ensure this community thrives for years to come. Having only recently started competing myself, I hope to make use of my experience as a newcomer and encourage others interested in entering their first competition to take that leap…

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