Piia Korpi

 Piia Korpi  has been dancing and competing in Same-Sex Dancing since 2007.  Besides her own still active dancing career and daily job in the national disability sports organisation, Piia works as a professional dance teacher, teaching with her partner Santra Same-Sex/Rainbow Dancing couples from beginners to advanced dancers. Together they have given birth to the dance form in Finland and made it increasingly popular.

As a co-president of ESSDA, Piia wants to be a spokeswoman for the dancers. Fair play and respect for the diversity in Same-Sex dancing are core values for her, as well as the freedom to express yourself according to how you feel and want to be seen as a couple.

Piia has her academic background in Philosophy and Gender Studies. She has been working in different sports organisations and hold various official posts (being e.g. the chairwoman of a dance club, a board member of the Finnish Dance Sport Association and a member in the Finnish working groups on Gender Equality and Ethics in Sport). This experience helps her to operate and co-operate on the ESSDA board as well as with all the dancers in good spirit and dialogical manner.

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