ESSDA Board Members and Roles

The ESSDA Board extended after the last AGM with two additional members from the UK Chrisi Lyons and Trix Macleod. Unfortunately Tim Regan left the board due to personal reasons, but he still is a member of the UKSSDC.

Name Role/Responsibility Country
Hadass Armon Female Co-President IL
Davy Brocatus Male Co-President BE
Diana Vinke Secretary NL
Sören Stauffer-Kruse General Board Member/Rules UK
Michal Vaníček General Board Member/Outreach CZ
Marc Schleuter Treasurer/Internet DE
Chrisi Lyons Membership Officer UK
Trix Macleod General Board Member/Marketing UK

Get in contact with us via e-mail:

E-Mail-Address Role/Reponsibility Recipients ESSDA-Board All board members general information on ESSDA topics Diana Vinke
Hadass Armon
Davy Brocatus Female Co-President Hadass Armon Male Co-President Davy Brocatus Secretary Diana Vinke
(Chrisi Lyons) Treasurer Marc Schleuter
(Diana Vinke) Membership Officer Chrisi Lyons
(Diana Vinke) Marketing Trix Macleod Outreach Contact Michal Vaníček Web-/Events-Editor Marc Schleuter Sören Stauffer-Kruse Web-Master Marc Schleuter
(Frank Morche)

Names in brackets are proxies regarding the responsibility.

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