Vienna Dance Contest – UPDATE

The Vienna Dance Contest 2021 has been planned for the 16th October. The most of the main pilars are secured since autumn 2020: the venue, the DJ, the chair, the scruteneers to calculate the results. But we, the organising team, haven’t made our mind up if we go ahead or not, as the future still seems to be very unsure in these Covid times. Please don’t book anything, but please please keep the date in your diary!!! This competition can only happen if enough financial funding is secured, well ahead of the time, and if we have enough dancers from abroad (who will have to be able to practice and plan their traveling ahead).

ESSDA Working Groups for 2021

At the last ESSDA AGM held in August 2020, we shared information on our current working groups that help support the great work of ESSDA. If you would like to join any of these working groups then please contact

The current working groups and members are as follows:

Showdance & Formation Competition Rules (inc. Senior Age Category) Working Group: Pat Sharkey, Mark Hebell, Tom Dane, Ralf Schiller, Thorsten Reulen, Kerstin Kallmann 

Competition Working Group: Pete Meager, Davy Brocatus, Patrice Naudier, Thorsten Reulen

Rebrand and Refocus Working Group: Pete Meager, Mark Hebell, Kerstin Kallmann, Jörg Jungling 

PR & Communication Working Group: Pete Meager, no other members have opted to join this group

Inclusivity & Wider Community Engagement Working Group: Marion Chambon, no other members have opted to join this group

Outreach Working Group: Michal Vanicek, no other members have opted to join this group

If you are interested to join one of these groups, especially those currently under represented then we would love to hear from you.


Virtual Pink Jukebox Update 7/3/21

An update for the Virtual Pink Jukebox Trophy:

Thank you to everyone who has entered this year’s virtual Pink Jukebox Trophy. We’ve had many excellent submissions and the competiton is certainly hotting up. However, in light of ongoing restrictions in many countries, we have decided to extend the deadline for the film submissions to Sunday, 25th April, 2021.

If you haven’t registered yet, it’s time to do so, get your music and start dancing. For all the details go to:

News from EuroGames 2021 Copenhagen

Six months to go! Thousands of athletes will compete at 2021 EuroGames in Copenhagen, and now you can add a Facebook frame to your profile picture! Go to your Facebook profile, click on your photo, then ‘Update profile picture’, and then ‘Add frame’. Just search for ‘Copenhagen 2021’ and you’ll find the frame.

EuroGames registration is open! Our hosts in Copenhagen know that many EuroGames participants are nervous about making bookings in the current corona-climate. They have deferred payments, which means you can sign up now and pay later. Full details of all the tournaments can be found on the website, including this helpful schedule which shows events day-by-day.

Copenhagen 2021 EuroGames Podcast – Stay connected with news with the weekly #YouAreIncluded Podcast every Thursday

Sign Up with confidence:



Gay Games 2026 – Site Selection Finalists Announced

The 2026 Gay Games XII host city shortlist vote by the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) General Assembly took place 31 Jan 2021 whittling it down from 8 to 3.

FGG wishes to thank all eight bid cities who truly put forth wonderful bids that illuminated the Federation’s principles, and we look forward to continuing the process with these three finalists.” — David Killian, Officer of Site Selection, FGG

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, CA, February 1, 2021 / — Federation Of Gay GamesAnnounces 2026 Gay Games XII Shortlist Bid Cities

The 2026 Gay Games XII host city shortlist vote by the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) General Assembly took place 31 January 2021 whittling it down from eight to the final three. Twenty cities from around the world had initially expressed interest in hosting the 2026 Games.

The shortlisted host cities are Guadalajara (MEX), Munich (GER), and Valencia (ESP).

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