Updates for Competition Rules and AGM Minutes

The AGM Minutes from Helsinki are now online as well as the updated Same-Sex Dancing Competition Rules with the topics discussed in Stockholm and Helsinki.

Note that this year’s AGM will take place during the European Championship in Berlin. The meeting is currently scheduled on Sunday, 30th July 2017, between 10 and 11 a.m. at the Vereinsheim of TiB 1948.

So join us in Berlin (and become an ESSDA member in case you aren’t already one).

“HOT NEWS” for all dancers & friends in Miami

After all the bad news that received us from Miami we can announce that it was possible to organize at least some dance competitions and events in Miami

Location : Hilton Double Tree (same venue)

To all dancers,
will be organizing a social event and a dance competition in lieu of the cancelled Outgames Dancesport competition.
Monday 29 May 2017
10 AM – 1PM : General Practice (Standard & Latin Mixed Music)
2 PM – 5PM : SOCIAL DANCE EVENT for all participants and guests
Admission afternoon : suggested donation of $5 per person
Tuesday 30 May 2017
Competitors free – Spectators suggested donation of $5 per person
10 AM : Doors Open & Registration
11 AM* : Start Dance Competition
Classification Women Standard & Men Latin
Finals C – B for Women Standard & Men Latin
2 PM* : Classification Women Latin & Men Standard
Finals C – B for Women Latin & Men Standard
7 PM* : GALA
Finals A all categories – Show Dance – General Dance
*Time table subject to changes and all categories are open (no separate age categories).
Print Out Version: Dance Competition Miami 2017

Grand Slam Results after 3 Comps

Finally the rankings for the Grand Slam are ready for publishing. All couples who have already danced at least two competitions (Pink Jukebox in London, Rendez-vous de Paris, German Open) are in this ranking – by participating in the European Championship in Berlin they have the chance to get into the final ranking.

We hope that we can welcome all couples to the European Championship. Keep in mind that the first three couples in each category will win a bottle of Champagne.

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Next Stop Munich

We wish good luck to all competitors for next week’s competition in beautiful Munich.

Thanks to the organizers to set up this first same-sex dance competition at Munich’s Savoy Club.

For more information follow the link on the picture.


Let us celebrate ESSDA’s 10th Anniversary

2017 will be an extra special year because ESSDA has its 10th anniversary and we would like to celebrate this together with you.

We prepared several highlights to make this a special year for same-sex dancing in Europe and we count on your participation:

ESSDA 10th anniversary Grand Slam

As a 10th anniversary special we will be awarding four Grand Slam titles for same-sex dance couples in 2017!

ESSDA’s new slogan

Help us find a new slogan for ESSDA and win free entry to the European Championships!

10 years of ESSDA same-sex dancing visual and visible

We’re asking members to send us same-sex dance pictures from the last 10 years which can be displayed on the ESSDA website this year.

First-time competitors and showdance-in-teams-only competitors at EC 2017 in Berlin

Reduced fee for first-time competitors and showdance-in-teams-only competitors.

ESSDA 10th anniversary Grand Slam

As a 10th anniversary special we will be awarding four Grand Slam titles for same-sex dance couples in 2017!

This will be based on a combined result from the following European competitions for adult male and female couples:

– the PJ in London on 18 February
– Le Rendez-vous de Paris on 15 April
– the German Open Championships in Fürth (near Nuremberg) on 29-30 April
– the EC in Berlin on 27-29 July

A couple is eligible for a Grand Slam title if they compete in three of the four mentioned competitions.

The best three results from these competitions per couple (male/female) and event (latin/standard) will be combined by the following calculation:

– A ranking of all couples per event regardless of the class
(if a couple wins a class and also dances in a the higher class, then only the higher class will be taken into account).
– The ranking will be taken as points (1 point for the first place, 3 point for the third place e.g.) and added to make the three best results of the mentioned competitions.

The four titles (Latin/Standard Grand Slam for male and female couples) will be awarded at the European Championships 2017 in Berlin. Good luck!

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