Equality Dancing – The (limited) liberty of dancing out of line

Lula Witzescher an activist for all topics regarding equality and also a dancer wrote for the programme of Berlin Open 2016 her observations and thoughts about same-sex dance competitions.

Since it has caused quite some controversy and discussion already at Berlin Open, pinkballroom (the organizers of next year’s European Championship) are now presenting the text in English (translation: Tina Ottenheym): Equality Dancing – The (limited) liberty of dancing out of line. May a broad, varied and constructive discussion begin.

Another interesting find on the internet (not new but new to me) is the demonstration of what they call the “Liquid Lead” by Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox: Ballroom dance that breaks gender roles. Presenting some interesting ideas regarding role change in dancing.

Le Rendez-Vous de Paris 2017 – Rescheduled

Rainbow Evidanse, the organizers of the annual competition “Le Rendez-Vous de Paris”, took all efforts to present the competition in 2017 at the same venue as for the Gay Games dance competitions in 2018. So the organizers will have the chance

– to have a better idea on how to arrange the venue
– to improve the GG10 competition organization
– to demonstrate its ability to handle such a project and
– to be able to advertise the GG10 event.

rdvp-2017-flyers-save-the-daterescUnfortunately that was not possible on the announced date (13th of May). The new date for the 2017 competiton is the

April 15th 2017 – the new venue is Gym Japy (2 rue Japy – 75011 PARIS).

Apologies if you already fixed your travel plans.

The print out calendar for 2017 has been changed accordingly.

New Competition Calendars

After the EuroGames you might plan your travels and holidays for the next competitions.

To get an overview over the European Same-Sex-Dance competitions you can now find in the menu
Competitions & Events > European Competitions
a new submenu with competition calendars for the whole year. Of course only the second half year of 2016 is important. The calendar for 2017 only contains the confirmed dates and hopefully will fill up during the next months.

When you click on the calendar a better readable pdf-version opens (you can use the zoom (+) then).

Please send any changes and additional competitions to events@essda.eu.


European Championships 2016 – Now it’s history

The last day of the dance competitions of the EuroGames have finished. On the final day the Adult in the competitions for Male Standard and Female Latin the European Championships went to the couples

Adult Male Standard: Alex Zischka & Stefan Lehner (FR)

Adult Female Latin: Kelly Monshouwer & Liejette Spindler (NL)

Find all results of the EuroGames Dance Competitions here.

A special thanks to our panel of 7 adjudicators for judging these three days of competitions, to DJ Avera from Sweden for the excellent music and of course to the beautiful, beautiful hosts Tommi Lappi and Heather Gladding.

Thanks to the organizers in Helsinki, EGLSF, the volunteers, our scrutineers and everyone else who made this event possible.

And many thanks to all couples for coming to Helsinki (especially mentioned the couples from Australia, the US who had the longest journey and the couples from Russia who do not have the possibilities to do our sports like in other European countries and all couples who were so brave to step the first time on a competition dancefloor). We needed you all to make this event such an success.

So we are looking forward to tonight’s social dance at Club Hercules in Helsinki and of course to next year’s European Championships 2017 in Berlin. The next EuroGames will be held 2019 in Rome!


Eurogames 2016 – First Competition Day

The first new European Champions 2016 are crowned!

The Senior 10-Dance (male and female) couples started today and afterwards the Standard Ladies and the Latin Men competed for medals and the title of ESSDA European Champions.

Senior Male 10-Dance European Champions: Gerhard Hummel & Bernd Müller (DE)

Senior Female 10-Dance European Champions: Almut Freund & Dorothea Arning (DE)

Adult Male Latin: Renato Minnig & Markus Mnerinsky (CH)

Adult Female Standard: Caroline Privou & Petra Zimmermann (DE)

Congratulations also to all the other Medalists, Finalists and Competitors of this first day. It was an amazing competition and we’ll hope the next two days will be equally enjoyable.

You can find the results of the first competition day on  our EuroGames results page.

The lion doesn’t sleep tonight in Helsinki

The EuroGames 2016 were declared open this afternoon by the mayor of Helsinki.

So we are looking forward to three days of same-sex dance competitions including the A-Class Competitions as the ESSDA European Championships.


Today the practicing sessions took place at the venue. It is not easy to add a touch of class to a basketball field but I am sure the dancers will do it during all competitions.

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