Eurogames – Preliminary Timetable for Helsinki

Helsinki_dance_flyerAre you already looking forward to compete in Helsinki or to support our sport and your favourite couples? The preliminary timetable for the Dance Competitions at the Eurogames 2016 has been released and might help planning your stay in Helsinki.

For those of you who have not registered yet: Participant registration will be open until 31.05.2016. See our infomation about registrating for dance sports and the discount price for ESSDA members.

For dancers who want to dance but don’t have a dancing partner: you might send a post to our ESSDA facebook group – and who knows…

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Eurogames 2016 registration news

The early registration is no longer possible. But as an ESSDA/EGLSF member you still get a discount using the new code EGLSF2016L. The price is now 85€ plus a 5€ payment fee (undiscounted 110€ plus 5€).

You can now register for more than 3 dance competitions (e.g. Senior 10-Dancers). The registration site has been adjusted and you can add additional competitions for an extra fee of 20€.

Find the direct link and instructions for your registration below.

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