Gay Games HK2022 Update

Rewatch our January 2021 webinar: Exciting plans for 2021

Welcome to 2021. Join us in our first monthly webinar and hear the exciting plans we have in place for 2021 for the GGHK program; registration, sponsorship, contingency and how you can be involved. 

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WDO: World Formation Championships 2022

A Message from Darren Hulme, Organiser of The WDO World Formation Championships 2022:

This is a world first event and I want to include a same sex section into it. I’m hoping Teachers and Dancers alike will read this and want to take part. The event will be taking place in the magnificent Blackpool Tower Ballroom in June 2022 and nothing will make me prouder, than to see a same sex team dance at my World Championship. I want to dance into the history books, who’s coming with me?

Further information on the WDO World Formation Championships, including the schedule will be posted later in 2021.

Eurogames Copenhagen 2021 – Dancesport Competition

The tournament for Ballroom Dancing will take place Tuesday, August 17 to Friday, August 20, 2021 at Hal C in Copenhagen.

The tournament offers five different dance categories:

  • Standard
  • Latin
  • 10-dance
  • Showdance
  • Handidance

In Standard, Latin, and 10-dance, you can participate by dancing male-male, female-female, or all genders.

In showdance, you can participate as a couple or as a team with 8-20 on each team (In showdance there are no gender regulations).

If you participate in Handidance, you must have a dance partner and one of you must be physically disable and in need of a wheelchair.

All leagues will be divided into Open and Senior.

For the first round of the tournament, all participants will be competing against each other in their category. All participants will qualify for a class and be divided into A, B, C, or D. After that, you will be competing in your given class.

The tournament will be judged according to the ESSDA rules. You can find them here

Eurogames 2021 Copenhagen


A note from EuroGames 2021 Copenhagen organisers, Pan Idraet!
After years of planning, we’re now just nine months away from Copenhagen 2021, when we bring EuroGames to Copenhagen and Malmö alongside WorldPride.
EuroGames 2021in Copenhagen is going ahead. 
The Copenhagen team has now published scenarios based on different pandemic situations next summer. Our focus remains on full delivery of tournaments and events as detailed in our bid, but with the appropriate contingency plans in place in case some elements have to be scaled back. Please review the updated COVID19 statement on the EuroGames 2021 website.

Copenhagen 2021 runs from 12-22 August with EuroGames tournaments from 18-20 August and you can find a summary of all the key dates and extensive information on all events on the EuroGames 2021 website. Copenhagen has launched a smartphone app which already lists all tournaments and many events with many more to be added in the coming months. You find it here:

Preferential rates with partner hotels can be booked now, and booking for EuroGames tournaments will be opening later next month.  Signing up for the monthly email bulletin from our website will make sure that you get all the updates and information directly from Copenhagen.
The EGLSF and EuroGames 2021 Copenhagen team hope you’re planning to join us for EuroGames in Copenhagen in 2021. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on their team.

Queer Dance Camp 2020 – Cancellation

In September we had hoped that Corona would allow us to carry out this year’s Queer Dance Camp. In the meantime, infection numbers have soared. Not only Berlin, but actually all of Germany is a single “risk area” – not to mention other countries in Europe. Unfortunately, we cannot expect miracles from the current so called “lockdown light” in Germany. We no longer believe that in mid-December it will be possible to carry out the QDC in a format that deserves its name – or that any such camp would be responsible under the current circumstances if it was allowed by German and Berlin authorities.

With a heavy heart, we are therefore cancelling the Queer Dance Camp 2020. We would like to thank the trainers who agreed to give workshops, the registered dancers for your encouragement, and the dancers who had not yet registered for your quiet anticipation.

We’ll meet again! Until then, stay healthy and careful!

Pinkballroom Berlin

The Pink Jukebox Trophy goes Virtual for 2021

The Pink Jukebox Trophy is going virtual in 2021.

To get us all dancing again and using all the gorgeous dance studios we have at our disposal, we would like to invite Same Sex Dance Couples from all over the world to submit video entries for the competition. There are also Solo Categories for those who cannot perform with a partner.


for more information visit:

CANCELLED: Queer Dance Camp 2020

Queer Dance Camp 2020 will take place 11. – 13.12.2020
With a heavy heart pinkballroom had to cancel the Berlin Open, but at the Queer Dance Camp 2020 the pinkies won’t give in so easily. They thought about how they could implement the camp responsibly and created a specific hygiene concept. And they have chosen a suitable topic: “Distance”. Hint: You may also dance with contact (in a set partnership).
The trainers this year are: Pascal Herrbach, Guido Bouwman, Gergely Darabos, Margaryta Vyshetravska, Christian Wenzel, Corentin Normand und Caroline Privou & Petra Zimmermann (under the Corona-proviso).
The 7th Camp for Equality dancing couples will take place on the penultimate weekend before Christmas in Berlin (11.-13.12.2020) Intensive training, lots of fun, new insights and afterwards tired bones looking forward to Christmas are waiting for you. The training camp is aimed at Equality dance couples from Berlin, Germany as well as internationally, no matter if you are tournament couples (all classes) or amateur athletes. The training is usually held bilingually (German/English) or supplemented in the other language. You can find more information here. You may register as of now.
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