EuroGames Bern awarded ESSDA European Championship 2023

ESSDA and EuroGames Bern 2023 are delighted to announce that the European Same-Sex Dance Championship titles for 2023 will be awarded as part of the dance competition at the EuroGames Bern 2023. For more information, please see our joint statement.

The dance competition will be held in Bern on the 27th and 28th of July 2023 as part of EuroGames Bern 2023. Competitors can register here.

Don’t forget that, as ESSDA is a member of EGLSF, ESSDA members, and individuals who are members of clubs and associations that are themselves extraordinary (group) members of ESSDA, can benefit from the reduced registration fee for EGLSF members.

Thank you to everyone who is already working to make the Eurogames Dancesport event a success and we hope to see many of you there in person.

With best wishes

Your ESSDA Board

ESSDA AGM on 20 August 2022

See post below 

Make sure you pay your membership fee before 18 August 2022 to participate in this years AGM (online)

The minutes will follow soon.

Decision on European Championship Titles 2021 Copenhagen, Denmark :

  • Thomas Bensch & Simone Biagini (GER), European Champion 2021 Senior Latin Men
  • Line Felholt & Vibeke Sørensen (DEN), European Champion 2021 Senior Latin Women



ESSDA Statement April 2022

To all ESSDA members and Same-Sex/Equality Dancers,
The last two years have been extremely challenging for all of us and social distancing has presented particular problems for partner dancing including of course same-sex and and equality dancing. It has been fantastic to be able to get back on the dance floor in recent months and we hope to see many of you in the not too distant future.
The last two years have also seen several changes to ESSDA with Pia, Patrice, Peter, Pat and Kai having stepped down from the board. We thank them very much for their contribution. 
We would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for the recent inconsistent communication and delay to the work of ESSDA. Looking to the future, we have to make new plans to support our wonderful same-sex/equality dance community and we hope you will all contribute to this.
The new ESSDA board, in position as from 6 February 2022, and confirmed by the boardmeeting in April is:
Marion Chambon – President Co-Female
Davy Brocatus – President Co-Male
Corentin Normand – Treasurer
Mark Hebell – Secretary
Tom Dane – Membership Officer
Leezah Hertzmann – Boardmember
The most urgent matters on the board’s agenda are:
– showdance rules (we plan to have these ready for consideration at our AGM in August and to take effect from 2023)
– senior age categories
– follow up on EuroGames 2022/2023/2024/2025
– follow up on GayGames 2023
– ESSDA AGM will be on 20 August 2022 (online)
In the longer term, the board plans to work on:
– a fresh look at our position on issues of same-sex and equality dancing, and gender diversity and inclusion
– IFSSDA (constitution)
– Calender and Grand Slam
We very much hope that you will support our work by becoming or remaining a member of ESSDA. If you would like to know more about the work of ESSDA, please contact
There is a lot of work to do and we need your help. If you would like to be actively involved in the board, in any of the projects mentioned above or have any other ideas please email
Yours sincerely,

Congratulations to our new European Champions 2022

Day 1 of European Championship 2022 (granted by ESSDA) at EuroGames Nijmegen


Male Adult Latin

  1. Andy Jekel – Michael Bartsch (DE)
  2. Darren Whitby – Vishesh Mehta (UK)
  3. Grzegorz Dyrda – Rafael Chmiela (Poland)

Female Adult Standard

  1. Diane Kleingarn – Claudia Reger (DE)
  2. Angelika Thumm – Julia Janssen (DE)
  3. Réka Flk – Anita Kozma (HU)

Male Senior Standard

  1. Tom Dane – Kevin Haycock (UK)
  2. Niels Henrik Hartvigson – Filip Jensen (DK)
  3. Michael Kraus – Lars Thybo Nørgaard (DE – DK)

Female Senior Latin

  1. Eva Wortmann – Carola Käding (DE)
  2. Lisa Mense – Petra Billaudelle (DE)
  3. Marjolein van Huik – Sabrina van Huik (NL)


Day 2 : European Championship 2022 (granted by ESSDA) at EuroGames Nijmegen


Male Adult Standard :

  1. Grzegorz Dyrda – Rafael Chmiela (Poland)
  2. Niels Henrik Hartvigson – Filip Jensen (DK)
  3. Michael S. Kraus – Lars Thybo Nørgaard (DE/DK)

Male Adult 10-Dance

  1. Grzegorz Dyrda – Rafael Chmiela (Poland)
  2. Tom Dane – Kevin Haycock (UK)
  3. Jorg Faulhammer – Stefanie Pfeiffer (DE)

Male Senior Latin

  1. Michael Hall – George Tzoulas (UK)
  2. Tom Dane – Kevin Haycock (UK)
  3. Jorg Faulhammer – Tobias J. Fritsch (DE)

Male Senior 10-Dance

  1. Tom Dane – Kevin Haycock (UK)
  2. Jorg Faulhammer – Tobias J. Fritsch (DE)
  3. Bart Van Helvoort – Pieter-Theo Zuurbier (NL)


Female Adult Latin :

  1. Marina Hüls – Magdalena Friederike Bauchmuller (DE)
  2. Diana Kleingarn – Claudia Reger (DE)
  3. Angela Pikarski – Miriam Meister (DE)

Female Adult 10-Dance

  1. Diana Kleingarn – Claudia Reger (DE)
  2. Angela Pikarski – Miriam Meister (DE)
  3. Cornelia Wagner – Kerstin Kallmann (DE)

Female Senior Standard

  1. Sibylle Schug – Susanne Scheuboeck (DE)
  2. Katrin Ryborz – Andrea Wagner (DE)
  3. Manuela Schulze – Sabine Engelmann (DE)

Female Senior 10-Dance

  1. Marjolein van Huik – Sabrina van Huik-Scholman (NL)
  2. Pascale van der Put – Anke van den Nouland (NL)


Showdance Teams

  1. Revue en Rose (DE)
  2. Swinging Sisters A (DE)

Showdance Couples

  1. Tania Dimitrova – Ines Dimitrova (DE)
  2. Darren Whitby – Vishesh Mehta (UK)
  3. Anika Lautenschlager – Tatjana Safaric (DE)



ESSDA Annual General Meeting & Elections for 2022


The ESSDA board would like to announce that this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Saturday, 20 August 2022, at 10.00 h (London Time)/11.00 h (Paris Time). The board has decided to hold the AGM via Zoom to enable as much participation as possible. All agenda items will be covered within this meeting, including elections for this year’s board members positions.

Mark Hebell (DE) stand for re-election and Tom Dane (UK) needs to be confirmed as co-opted boardmember.

If you would like to stand for one of the board positions please send your interest via e-mail to along with a short biography (including why you wish to stand for the board) and a headshot photo. Further information on those members standing for (re-)election will follow after the deadline of interest has passed.

Pre-requisites for becoming a new board member are:
Members who are not currently on the Board are able to be nominated to stand for election as long as they have agreed to it. Any member who is nominated needs to be proposed and seconded (a second person to support the nomination) by paid up members before being able to stand for election (if membership fee applicable). Nominations must be received at least four weeks in advance of the AGM. Members cannot be nominated on the day. Details of candidates who have been nominated must be sent to the members in advance of the meeting to enable voting prior to the AGM.

Voting this year will all be via online survey due to the fact we will not be meeting face to face to count physical votes, therefor proxy voting is not required.

If you have any questions then please let us know. We have adapted our AGM to enable us to hold it online, however inevitably there will be some differences to our usual processes.

Any other topic additions members may wish to add to the agenda should be received no later than ten days prior to the AGM.

Many thanks

On behalf of the ESSDA Board

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